Monday, May 23, 2011

Long May She Wave

This is another one of my punchneedle projects. I love the shape and design of this piece.  Also, I thought it would be fitting with Memorial Day and Fourth of July approaching.  It has a little patriotic flair to it.  Hope you enjoy it!

The pattern for this piece came from Country Stitches-By My Hand.  The pattern is called Long May She Wave and it is designed by Brenda Gervais from With Thy Needle & Thread Punchneedle Designs.  She is super talented.  I love, love, love her work!

Thanks for stopping by!



Tiffany said...

Very cool Amy. You are quite the artist my friend!

Ann Schach said...

Hooray! I can comment again! Blogger must be fixed! I wanted to let you know how fabulous this is! Love the folk-art chic!

Ashley said...

this is awesome:) i love it!!!