Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wintery Birthday Card

Hello my blogging friends.  How is your week going?  Mine is wonderful.  Just wanted to show you a card I made for my friend.  Her birthday is in the beginning of December so I thought I would use the Damask Snowflake die from Papertrey Ink to highlight the sentiment. 

I like the way it looks like a little rustic package!  Hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Create! Blog Challenge: New Year Card

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share a card I made for the Create! Blog Challenge.  Hope you like it!
 Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Meaning to the Phrase "Money Tree"

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!  Hope you are enjoying your holiday!  Just wanted to pop in and share a gift I made for someone this Christmas.  I wanted to give money but wanted to dress it up so that it wasn't in an ordinary envelope.  I was blog surfing one day and came upon this post and thought it was super clever.  So I went with it!!  I made it rather quickly and didn't embellish too much. I do think it turned out cute though!

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed holiday!


Salt Dough Ornaments & Rustic Packaging & Papertrey December Blog Hop Challenge

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share with you some salt dough ornaments Emma and I made.  This was my first attempt at making them so go easy on me, teehee!  I have seen these all over the internet and thought I would give it a try.  These were made for Emma's teachers, family and friends.  I love making something handmade for people and this was the perfect little touch!

I used a can to cut out the shapes.  I did purchase cookie cutters to use but they were to small to put the greeting on so I decided to go with a plain circle.  The greetings on the ornaments and tags were stamped from Papertrey Ink's Think Big Favorites #9 set.  I used Chocolate Chip ink from SU! and the ribbon was from my stash.  I was going to go with jute twine but decided on this delicate ribbon to give it more of a shabby feel.

For the tags I used the Damask Snowflake Die from Papertrey Ink and die cut the snowflakes from the Rustic Cream Cardstock.  I sponged the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and tied a couple bells onto the snowflake tags.  The tiny brown bags were from my stash.  I think I bought them at Pat Catan's. The tags were originally made for my Christmas presents but I didn't end up using them.  I went with a red, white and kraft color scheme instead.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Disney World Surprise!

Hello my blogging friends!  As I had mentioned in the last post, my husband and I surprised Emma with a trip to Disney World!  We have been planning the trip since around March or April and finally surprised Emma on November 16th.  We told her that Mike (my hubby) had an eye appointment in Buffalo, NY for a follow-up to his lasik surgery.  Emma didn't think anything of it since she had gone up there a few times already for his appointments.  We picked her up from school and drove to Buffalo which is about an hour and a half from where we live.  We told her that before we went to the appointment we were going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory.  It is one of our favorite restaurants and such a treat to go to since we don't have one near where we live. 

The staff was very helpful in the big reveal!!  The host had caught the whole event on tape as the waiter brought out a special suitcase with Emma's name on it.  It was filled with all sorts of Disney goodies and in the bottom of the suitcase was a special book titled "Emma's Big Surprise."  The book was hubby's idea, he came up with it in his tree stand a few days before while he was hunting.  It was a picture book that revolved around Emma's day. It started with a picture of our house, followed, by school, Mike's truck, The Cheesecake Factory (all of which looked familiar to her at this point) next was a picture of an airplane and finally DISNEY WORLD! 
The Suitcase

Inside of Suitcase

One Happy Little Girl!

 Mike kept telling me that Emma is going to jump out of her skin when she finds out she is going to Disney!!  I kept telling him not to get too hung up on the reaction since it may not be the kind of reaction he is hoping for.  Turns out, with the video tape rolling and all of the staff all gathered around and people in the surrounding tables that knew what was going on the reaction was not as great as Mike had hoped.  Emma was a little shy since she was being taped and kept looking up at all of the people watching her because she was not sure what they were doing.  Emma unwrapped some of the presents and in the interest of time I had her skip right to the book at the bottom of the suitcase.  Mike was sitting next to her and started reading it to her.  She was not sure what to make of it especially once she got passed The Cheesecake Factory page and onto the next page which was the airplane.  Up until that point, the book was exactly how her day had gone.  Once she flipped the page and it read she was flying to Disney World she still didn't quite understand.  After we told her that we were leaving after our meal and going to the airport she was excited.  Then the next thing ya know, she started to cry because tomorrow she was supposed to be the "helper" at school.  Priorities!!  We told her that her teacher knew all about the plans and was playing along so that she didn't think anything was unusual about the day.  After we told her that, all was well!

Our trip lasted a week and we had a wonderful time.  It was exhausting, but it was well worth it!  Emma celebrated her sixth birthday while we were in the Happiest Place On Earth!  I don't think we can top that next year!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Burlap Wreath

Hello my blogging friends!  Sorry that I haven't posted in a while.  My husband and I took our daughter, Emma, on a surprise vacation to Disney World!  She had no idea whatsoever!  I will have more on that in another post, I promise.  I just wanted to share with you a wreath that I made for an auction.  My sister, Beth, is the Executive Director of the Center for Family Unity in Jamestown, New York and she asked me if I would make a wreath for an auction that they are having for her center.  The agency that she works for helps to prevent child abuse, so I was totally on board to help out!

I have seen tons of these wreaths all over the Internet and thought I would try it out.  Turns out, it was a lot of fun, time-consuming, but fun!  I started with a 14" foam wreath that I wrapped in canvas.  I have around 264 4x4 squares of burlap in this baby, but who's counting?  The little rosettes were made with canvas and I stitched some pearl buttons in the centers for some added interest.  Hope you like it!