Sunday, October 28, 2012

Challenge Winner!

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to share with you the exciting news!  I have been picked as the challenge winner for Embellish Magazine's Stars Color Trends Challenge.  Woo hoo!  My first challenge I have ever won!  Granted, there were only 20 participants but it still feels pretty good.
You can see the wonderful projects created by the design team and participants here.

Stop by soon to see some new projects I have been working on.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Joy said...

Wow congratulations!! Your cards are so pretty, I really love those stars. I also really like how you also used them to decorate the inside of your card. I copied your link from Lain's scrapinar tonight :)

Kristie Sloan said...

Congratulations! Winning is ALWAYS fun, right? Fun to meet on Lain's webinar tonight! I'll check in another time!